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Content last updated: 26 September 2012


These records have recently been updated based on James, P.[W.] & Powell, M. (2010) "The lichens of Sutton Park", British Lichen Society Bulletin no. 107, pp. 2–17.

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The species name will be highlighted if it was not listed as Present in the latest edition of the booklet covering this group.

Notes on the Species
Acarospora rufescens P 2010-
Amandinea punctata P 2010-
Arthonia punctiformis P 2010-
Arthonia radiata P 2010-
Arthopyrenia punctiformis P 2010-
Aspicilia contorta subsp. contorta P 2010-
Aspicilia contorta subsp. hoffmaniana P 2010-
Bacidia adastra P 2010-
Bacidia bagliettoana Only Warks record. Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. M 1971
Bacidia inundata P 2010-
Bacidia muscorum From Clark 1980, p234. M 1980-
Bacidia saxenii P 2010-
Bacidia sulphurella P 2010-
Baeomyces rufus P 2010-
Belonia nidarosiensis P 2010-
Bilimbia sabuletorum P 2010-
Buellia aethalea P 2010-
Buellia badia P 2010-
Buellia griseovirens P 2010-
Calicium viride Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. Unlikely to have remained in the park when pollution levels were high. L 1883
Caloplaca arcis P 2010-
Caloplaca cerinella P 2010-
Caloplaca cerinelloides P 2010-
Caloplaca chlorina P 2010-
Caloplaca citrina P 2010-
Caloplaca crenulatella P 2010-
Caloplaca flavocitrina P 2010-
Caloplaca holocarpa P 2010-
Caloplaca obscurella P 2010-
Caloplaca saxicola Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. L 1903
Candelaria concolor P 2010-
Candelariella aurelia P 2010-
Candelariella reflexa P 2010-
Candelariella vitellina P 2010-
Catillaria chalybeia P 2010-
Chaenotheca ferruginea P 2010-
Chrysothrix flavovirens P 2010-
Cladonia bacillaris P 1988
Cladonia chlorophaea P 2010-
Cladonia coniocraea P 2010-
Cladonia digitata M 1971
Cladonia diversa P 2010-
Cladonia fimbriata P 2010-
Cladonia floerkeana P 2010-
Cladonia furcata P 2010-
Cladonia glauca P 2010-
Cladonia humilis P 2010-
Cladonia macilenta P 2010-
Cladonia ochrochlora P 2010-
Cladonia parasitica P 2010-
Cladonia polydactyla P 2010-
Cladonia subulata P 1990
Clauzadea monticola P 2010-
Cliostomum griffithii P 2010-
Coelocaulon aculeatum (Cornicularia aculeata) P 1988
Collema tenax P 2010-
Cyrtidula quercus P 2010-
Dimerella pineti P 2010-
Evernia prunastri P 2010-
Fellhanera bouteillei P 2010-
Fellhanera soredians P 2010-
Fellhanera viridisorediata P 2010-
Flavoparmelia caperata P 2010-
Fuscidea lightfootii P 2010-
Hypocenomyce scalaris P 2010-
Hypogymnia physodes P 2010-
Hypogymnia tubulosa P 2010-
Hypotrachyna revoluta P 2010-
Jamesiella anastomosans P 2010-
Lecania cyrtella P 2010-
Lecania erysibe P 2010-
Lecania naegelii P 2010-
Lecanora albescens P 2010-
Lecanora campestris P 2010-
Lecanora carpinea P 2010-
Lecanora chlarotera P 2010-
Lecanora compallens P 2010-
Lecanora confusa P 2010-
Lecanora conizaeoides P 2010-
Lecanora dispersa P 2010-
Lecanora expallens P 2010-
Lecanora farinaria P 2010-
Lecanora hagenii P 2010-
Lecanora jamesii P 2010-
Lecanora muralis P 2010-
Lecanora polytropa P 2010-
Lecanora pulicaris P 2010-
Lecanora semipallida P 2010-
Lecanora symmicta P 2010-
Lecanora varia P 2010-
Lecidea fuscoatra P 2010-
Lecidea grisella P 2010-
Lecidea scalaris Clark 1980, p238 has as 1st record from Sutton Park. M 1980-
Lecidella elaeochroma P 2010-
Lecidella scabra P 2010-
Lecidella stigmatea P 2010-
Lepraria incana P 2010-
Lepraria lobificans P 2010-
Lepraria vouauxii P 2010-
Leptogium schraderi P 2010-
Melanelia subaurifera (Parmelia subaurifera) P 2007
Melanelixia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula (Parmelia glabratula, Melanelia glabratula) P 2010-
Melanelixia subaurifera P 2010-
Melanohalea elegantula P 2010-
Melanohalea exasperata P 2010-
Melanohalea exasperatula P 2010-
Micarea denigrata P 2010-
Micarea lignaria var. lignaria P 2010-
Micarea micrococca P 2010-
Parmelia saxatilis P 2010-
Parmelia sulcata P 2010-
Parmotrema perlatum P 2010-
Peltigera hymenina P 2010-
Peltigera rufescens Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. L 1898
Phaeophyscia nigricans P 2010-
Phaeophyscia orbicularis P 2010-
Phlyctis argena P 2010-
Physcia adscendens P 2010-
Physcia adscendens P 2007
Physcia aipolia P 2010-
Physcia caesia P 2010-
Physcia stellaris P 2010-
Physcia tenella P 2010-
Physcia tenella P 2007
Physconia enteroxantha P 2010-
Physconia grisea Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. L 1883
Placynthiela uliginosa (Lecidea uliginosa) Clark 1980, p238 has as 1st record from Sutton Park. M 1980-
Placynthiella dasaea P 2010-
Placynthiella icmalea P 2010-
Placynthiella uliginosa P 2010-
Platismatia glauca P 2010-
Porina aenea P 2010-
Porina chlorotica P 2010-
Porpidia soredizodes P 2010-
Porpidia tuberculosa P 2010-
Protoblastenia rupestris P 2010-
Pseudevernia furfuracea P 2010-
Psilolechia clavulifera P 2010-
Psilolechia lucida P 2010-
Punctelia jeckeri P 2010-
Punctelia subrudecta P 2010-
Ramalina farinacea P 2010-
Ramalina fastigiata P 2010-
Rhizocarpon reductum P 2010-
Rhizocarpon petraeum P 2010-
Rinodina gennarii P 1990
Rinodina oleae P 2010-
Rinodina sophodes P 2010-
Sarcogyne regularis P 2010-
Scoliciosporum chlorococcum P 2010-
Scoliciosporum sarothamni P 2010-
Scoliciosporum umbrinum (Bacidia umbrina) Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. M 1990
Stereocaulon nanodes P 2010-
Strangospora moriformis Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. L 1911
Trapelia coarctata P 2010-
Trapelia placodioides P 2010-
Trapeliopsis flexuosa P 2010-
Trapeliopsis granulosa (Lecidea granulosa) P 2010-
Tuckermanopsis chlorophylla (Cetraria chlorophylla) From Clark 1980, p235. M 1980-
Usnea cornuta P 2010-
Usnea flammea P 2010-
Usnea flavocardia P 2010-
Usnea subfloridana P 2010-
Verrucaria baldensis P 2010-
Verrucaria hochstetteri P 2010-
Verrucaria macrostoma P 2010-
Verrucaria margacea Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. A species more commonly encountered on pebbles in fast flowing streams in upland areas. Searched for in 1989 but not refound. L 1903
Verrucaria muralis P 2010-
Verrucaria nigrescens P 2010-
Verrucaria viridula P 2010-
Xanthoria calcicola P 2010-
Xanthoria corallifera (epithet previously incorrectly spelt "coralligera") Identification uncertain in the absence of a voucher specimen. M 1988
Xanthoria elegans P 2010-
Xanthoria parietina P 2010-
Xanthoria polycarpa P 2010-
Xanthoria ucrainica P 2010-