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Content last updated: 10 June 2018


Phylogenetic methods have led to radical changes in the classification of fungi in recent years, changes which seem likely to continue for some time. The classification adopted here differs greatly from that used in the booklet, which was based on Clark's Fungus Flora of Warwickshire.

Two groups, Oomycota (water moulds) and Mycetozoa (slime moulds) are no longer considered to be fungi; the former are more closely related to brown algae, the latter are part of Amoebozoa. They are listed here for consistency with older publications. The classification of true fungi is now more difficult to understand and use in the field, since it has been discovered that appearance is often a poor guide to evolutionary relationships. For example, the "puffball" shape and lifestyle has apparently evolved independently in several different groups of fungi.

The classification used here generally uses Classes as the lowest grouping, except for the Agaricomycetes, which have by far the largest number of records, and have been divided into Orders.

For information on the symbols and abbreviations used here, see .
The column headings are also linked to the relevant part of the Key.

Notes on the Species
OOMYCOTA   Water moulds  
Peronospora grisea P 1980-
MYCETOZOA   Slime moulds  
Arcyria cinerea P 2016
Arcyria denudata P 1980-
Arcyria ferruginea P 1980-
Arcyria incarnata P 1980-
Arcyria nutans P 1980-
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa P 2016
Comatricha nigra P 1980-
Craterium minutum P 1980-
Cribraria rufa P 1980-
Cribraria microcarpa P 2016
Dictydiaethalium plumbeum P 1980-
Didymium dubium P 2017
Diderma effusum P 1980-
Didymium clavus P 1991-
Didymium eximium P 1991-
Didymium megalosporum P 1991-
Didymium nigripes P 1980-
Didymium squamulosum P 1980-
Enteridium lycoperdon (Reticularia lycoperdon) P 1980-
Fuligo septica P 1980-
Lamproderma scintillans P 1980-
Leocarpus fragilis P 1980-
Lycogala epidendrum P 1991-
Lycogala terrestre P 2000
Physarum leucophaeum P 1980-
Physarum nutans P 2016
Physarum viride P 1980-
Stemonitis fusca P 1980-
Stemonitis smithii P 1998-
Stemonitis virginiensis P 1980-
Stemonitopsis typhina P 1991-
Trichia botrytis P 1980-
Trichia floriformis P 1980-
Trichia persimilis P 1980-
Trichia varia P 1980-
Tubifera ferruginosa P 1980-
Phylum Ascomycota   Sac Fungi, 'ascos'  
Actinocladium rhodosporum P 2016
Camposporium cambrense P 2008
Pleurophragmium parvisporum P 2016
Pseudolachnea hispidula P 1980-
Pycnostysanus azaleae P 1980-
Subphylum Taphrinomycotina   basal 'ascos'  
Class Taphrinomycetes  
Taphrina tosquinetii P 1980-
Subphylum Saccharomycotina   'true' yeasts  
Class Saccharomycetes   'true' yeasts  
Torula herbarum P 2016
Subphylum Pezizomycotina   filamentous 'ascos'  
Class Dothideomycetes  
Aulographum hederae P 1980-
Cymadothea trifolii (Mycosphaerella killiani) P 1980-
Dendryphion comosum P 2016
Epicoccum purpurascens P 1980-
Eudarluca caricis P 2001
Gloniopsis praelonga P 1980-
Hysterobrevium mori P 2016
Leptosphaeria acuta   Nettle Rash P 2016
Leptosphaeria doliolum P 2016
Leptospora rubella P 2016
Lophiostoma angustilabrum P 2016
Lophiostoma origani var. rubidum P 2016
Melanomma fuscidulum P 2016
Melanomma pulvis-pyrius P 2017
Microthyrium ciliatum P 2016
Microthyrium ilicinum P 2016
Microthyrium microscopicum P 2016
Mycosphaerella recutita P 2017
Ophiosphaerella herpotricha P 2016
Periconia byssoides P 2016
Periconia cookei P 2016
Periconia hispidula P 2016
Phaeosphaeria eustoma P 2017
Phaeosphaeria nodorum P 2017
Rhopographus filicinus   Bracken Map P 2000
Sigarispora caulium (Lophiostoma caulium) P 2017
Stomiopeltis betulae P 2016
Trichodelitschia bisporula P 1991-
Tubeufia cerea P 2016
Class Eurotiomycetes  
Penicillium brevicompactum P 1980-
Class Lecanoromycetes  
Cryptodiscus foveolaris P 2017
Sarea resinae P 2018
Stictis stellata P 2016
Class Leotiomycetes  
Allophylaria campanuliformis (Allophylaria filicum) P 2016
Arachnopeziza candido-fulva P 1980-
Arachnoscypha aranea P 1991-
Ascocoryne cylichnium P 1980-
Ascocoryne sarcoides   Purple Jellydisc P 2016
Ascocoryne solitaria P 2016
Ascodichaena rugosa P 2016
Belonidium mollissimum (Trichopeziza mollissima) P 2017
Belonium hystrix P 1980-
Bisporella citrina   Lemon Disco P 2016
Botrytis cinerea P 2016
Bulgaria inquinans   Batchelor's Buttons, Rubber Buttons, Black Bulgar P 1994
Calycellina punctiformis P 1991-
Chlorosplenium aeruginascens (Chlorociboria aeruginascens)   Green Wood-cup P 1990
Ciboria americana (Rutstroemia americana) P 1980-
Ciboria batschiana P 1991-
Cistella fugiens P 2016
Crocicreas culmicolum P 2016
Crocicreas cyathoideum (Cyathicula cyathoidea, Hymenoscyphus cyathoideus) P 2016
Crocicreas starbaeckii (Crocicreas turbinata, Cyathicula turbinata) See Clark pp60-1. P 1980-
Crocicreas subhyalinum (Cyathicula subhyalina) P 1991-
Cudoniella acicularis   Oak Pin P 1991-
Cudoniella clavus   Spring Pin P 1980-
Cyclaneusma minus P 2017
Dasyscyphus apalus (Lachnella apala) P 1980-
Dasyscyphus castaneicola P 1991-
Dasyscyphus ciliaris P 1980-
Dasyscyphus diminutus P 1980-
Dasyscyphus dumorum P 1991-
Dasyscyphus soppittii P 1980-
Dasyscyphus sulphureus P 1991-
Dematioscypha olivacea P 2016
Discocistella grevillei (Cistella grevillei) P 2016
Erysiphe alphitoides P 2016
Erysiphe ornata P 2016
Hyalopeziza millepunctata P 2016
Hyaloscypha herbarum P 2016
Hyaloscypha hyalina (Lachnella hyalina) P 1980-
Hyaloscypha leuconica P 1980-
Hyaloscypha paludosa P 1980-
Hymenoscyphus albopunctus P 2016
Hymenoscyphus caudatus P 2016
Hymenoscyphus herbarum (Helotium herbarum) P 1980-
Hymenoscyphus laetus P 2016
Hymenoscyphus phyllogenus P 1980-
Hymenoscyphus repandus P 1980-
Hymenoscyphus scutula (includes H. solani) P 1991-
Hypoderma rubi P 2016
Lachnum apalum   Rush Disco P 2016
Lachnum diminutum P 2016
Lachnum fuscescens P 2016
Lachnum pudibundum P 2016
Lachnum pygmaeum P 2016
Lachnum virgineum (Dasyscyphus virgineus)   Snowy Disco Erroneously listed under name and synonym in earlier versions. P 2016
Lanzia luteovirescens (Rutstroemia luteovirescens) P 1991-
Leotia lubrica   Jelly-baby, Gum-drop Fungus P 1980-
Lophodermium apiculatum (Actinothyrium graminis) P 2017
Lophodermium pinastri P 2017
Microscypha grisella P 1991-
Microsphaera alphitoides P 2008
Mitrula paludosa   Bog Beacon P 2000
Mollisia benesuada P 2016
Mollisia cinerea   Common Grey Disco P 2016
Mollisia fusca P 2016
Mollisia ligni P 1980-
Mollisia lividofusca P 2016
Mollisia nervicola P 2016
Mollisia palustris P 2016
Mollisia pteridina P 1980-
Mollisia ramealis P 2016
Mollisia rehmii P 1980-
Mollisia ulicis P 2016
Mollisina rubi P 1980-
Mollisiopsis dennisii P 1991-
Myriosclerotinea curreyana (Sclerotinia curreyana) P 1991-
Neodasyscypha cerina P 2016
Pezicula livida P 1991-
Pezicula myrtillina P 1980-
Pezicula scoparia P 2016
Pezizella albosanguinea P 2016
Pezizella eriophori P 1980-
Pezizella punctoidea P 1980-
Pezizella rubescens P 1991-
Phacidium multivalve P 2016
Phialina lachnobrachya P 2016
Phyllactinia guttata P 2016
Phyllactinia mali P 2016
Poculum firmum (Rutstroemia firma)   Brown Cup P 1980-
Poculum sydowianum (Rutstroemia sydowiana)   Oak-leaf Cup P 2016
Polydesmia pruinosa P 1980-
Pseudopeziza trifolii P 1980-
Psilachnum inquilinum P 1980-
Pyrenopeziza compressula P 1980-
Pyrenopeziza revincta P 2016
Rhytisma acerinum   Sycamore Tarspot P 2001
Scutoscypha fagi P 1991-
Tapesia cinerella P 2016
Tapesia fusca P 1980-
Tapesia lividofusca P 1980-
Trichodiscus diversipilus P 1998-
Trichodiscus heterotrichus P 1980-
Trochila ilicina   Holly Speckle P 2016
Tympanis conspersa P 1980-
Unguicularia millepunctata (U. cirrhata) P 1991-
Class Orbiliomycetes  
Orbilia auricolor (Hyalorbilia inflatula) P 2016
Orbilia leucostigma P 1980-
Orbilia luteorubella P 2016
Orbilia xanthostigma   Common Glass-cup P 1980-
Class Pezizomycetes  
Aleuria aurantia (A. aurantiaca)   Orange-peel Fungus Name and synonym reversed from booklet. P 1994
Ascobolus albidus P 1991-
Ascobolus epimyces P 1991-
Ascobolus furfuraceus P 1980-
Byssonectria fusispora (Inermisia fusispora, Octospora carbonigena) P 1980-
Cheilymenia fimicola P 2016
Coprobia granulata (Peziza granulata) P 1980-
Coprotus granuliformis P 2016
Geopora arenosa (Sepultaria arenosa) P 1980-
Helvella lacunosa   Black Helvella P 1994
Iodophanus carneus P 1980-
Lasiobolus papillatus (L. ciliatus, Ascophanus ciliatus) P 2017
Leucoscypha erminea P 1980-
Leucoscypha leucotricha D
Peziza badia   Common Brown Elf-cup, Bay Cup P 1994
Peziza cerea   Cellar Cup P 1980-
Peziza echinospora   Charcoal Cup P 1980-
Peziza limnaea P 2016
Peziza limosa D
Peziza micropus P 1991-
Peziza nigrella? D
Peziza praetervisa P 1980-
Peziza repanda   Palamino Cup P 2000
Peziza vesiculosa P 1994
Scutellinia scutellata   Common Eye-lash, Eye-lash Fungus P 2016
Tarzetta catinus P 1991-
Trichophaea hemisphaerioides P 1980-
Trichophaea woolhopeia P 1980-
Class Sordariomycetes  
Anthostomella tomicoides P 2016
Bertia moriformis   Wood Mulberry P 2016
Calosphaeria wahlenbergii P 1980-
Camarops lutea P 1980-
Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma P 2017
Chaetosphaeria callimorpha P 2016
Claviceps purpurea   Ergot P 2008
Coniochaeta ligniaria P 1991-
Cordyceps militaris   Scarlet Caterpillar-club, Scarlet Caterpillar Fungus P 1990
Cylindrotrichum ellisii P 2017
Cytospora abietis P 1980-
Diaporthe eres P 1980-
Diatrype bullata   Willow Bark-spot P 2016
Diatrype disciformis   Beech Barkspot P 2001
Diatrype stigma   Common Tar-crust P 1980-
Diatrypella favacea P 2016
Diatrypella quercina P 2016
Endophragmiella boothii (Endophragmia boothii) P 2016
Eutypella scoparia (Peroneutypa scoparia) P 2016
Fusidium griseum P 2016
Gibberella cyanogena P 2016
Gnomonia alni-viridis P 2016
Gnomonia rostellata P 1980-
Gnomonia setacea P 2017
Hypocrea pulvinata   Ochre Cushion P 1991-
Hypomyces rosellus P 2016
Hypoxylon fuscum   Hazel Wood-wart P 1980-
Hypoxylon howeianum P 1980-
Hypoxylon multiforme   Birch Wood-wart P 2001
Hypoxylon rubiginosum   Rusty Wood-wart P 1980-
Lasiosphaeria ovina P 2016
Lasiosphaeria spermoides P 1980-
Melanconis stilbostoma P 2017
Menispora ciliata P 2016
Nectria cinnabarina   Coral Spot P 2016
Nectria magnusiana (Cosmospora magnusiana) P 2016
Nectriella dacrymycella P 2016
Phomatospora berkeleyi P 2017
Phomatospora dinemasporium P 2016
Phyllachora junci P 2016
Schizothecium vesticola (Podospora vesticola) P 1980-
Sepedomium chrysospermium (Apiocrea chrysosperma) P 1998-
Sordaria humana P 1991-
Verticillium lecanii P 1980-
Xylaria hypoxylon (Xylosphaera hypoxylon)   Candle-snuff Fungus P 2016
Phylum Basidiomycota   'basidios'  
Subphylum Agaricomycotina  
Class Agaricomycetes  
Order Agaricales  
Agaricus nivescens P 1998-
Agaricus porphyrocephalus P 1991-
Agaricus silvaticus   Blushing Wood Mushroom P 1971-
Agrocybe praecox   Spring Field-cap P 1980-
Amanita citrina (A. mappa)   False Death-cap P 2015
Amanita citrina var. alba   False Death-cap P 1981
Amanita excelsa (A. spissa)   Grey Spotted Amanita P 2015
Amanita fulva   Tawny Grisette P 2015
Amanita muscaria   Fly Agaric P 2015
Amanita rubescens   The Blusher P 2016
Amanita vaginata   Grisette P 2012
Armillaria mellea   Honey Fungus, Honey Tuft P 2015
Bolbitius vitellinus   Yellow Field-cap P 1980-
Bovista nigrescens   Brown Puffball, Small Round Puff-ball P 1991-
Calvatia excipuliformis P 1994
Calyptella capula P 1980-
Clavulinopsis corniculata   Meadow Coral P 2015
Clavulinopsis helvola   Yellow Club P 2016
Clitocybe brumalis P 1980-
Clitocybe clavipes   Club-foot P 1980-
Clitocybe diatreta P 1991
Clitocybe dicolor P 1991-
Clitocybe flaccida   Tawny Funnel-cap P 1992
Clitocybe fragrans   Fragrant Funnel P 1991
Clitocybe infundibuliformis   Common Funnel-cap M 2005
Clitocybe nebularis (Lepista nebularis)   Clouded Funnel, Clouded Agaric, Cheese Cap P 1980-
Clitocybe obsoleta P 1991-
Clitocybe odora   Aniseed Funnel P 1991
Clitocybe phyllophila   Frosty Funnel P 1991
Clitocybe vibecina   Mealy Funnel P 1980-
Clitopilus hobsonii P 1998-
Clitopilus prunulus   The Miller P 2015
Collybia acervata P 1980-
Collybia butyracea   Butter Cap, Greasy Club-foot, Greasy Cap P 2015
Collybia cirrhata   Piggyback Shanklet See Clark p128. P 1990
Collybia confluens   Clustered Tough-shank P 1980-
Collybia cookei   Splitpea Shanklet P 1991-
Collybia dryophila   Russet Tough-shank, Wood Agaric P 2005
Collybia fusipes   Spindle Tough-shank, Spindly Foot, Spindle-stem, Spindle-shank P 1990
Collybia maculata   Spotted Tough-shank, Red-spot Cap P 2008
Collybia palustris P 1980-
Collybia peronata   Wood Woolly-foot, Woolly-foot P 1980-
Coprinellus disseminatus P 2008
Coprinopsis cordispora (C. cordisporus) P 2008
Coprinopsis stercorea P 2008
Coprinus atramentarius   Common Ink-cap, Smooth Ink-cap P 1980-
Coprinus comatus   Shaggy Ink-cap, Lawyer's-wig, Shaggy-mane P 1994
Coprinus disseminatus   Fairy Ink-cap, Crumble-cap, Fairies' Bonnets P 1980-
Coprinus lagopides P 1980-
Coprinus lagopus   Hare's-foot Ink-cap P 1980-
Coprinus leiocephalus P 1998-
Coprinus micaceus   Glistening Ink-cap P 2003
Coprinus narcoticus P 1991-
Coprinus plicatilis   Pleated Ink-cap, Little Japanese Umbrella P 1991
Coprinus saccharomyces P 1998-
Coprinus stercoreus P 1998-
Cortinarius aff. croceoconus P 2008
Cortinarius anomalus   Variable Web-cap P 1991
Cortinarius decipiens [Fr. sensu Lange] P 1980-
Cortinarius flexipes P 2008
Cortinarius glandicolor P 1980-
Cortinarius hemitrichus   Frosty Web-cap P 1980-
Cortinarius ochroleucus D
Cortinarius punctatus P 1980-
Cortinarius puniceus P 1991-
Cortinarius rigidus P 1991-
Cortinarius sanguineus   Bloodred Web-cap P 1994
Cortinarius uliginosus P 1998-
Cortinarius umbrinolens P 2001
Cortinarius uraceus [Fr] P 1980-
Crepidotus cesatii P 2017
Crepidotus luteolus   Yellowing Oysterling P 2016
Crepidotus variabilis   Variable Oysterling P 2016
Cyphellopsis anomala P 1980-
Cyphellopsis maxima See Clark p183. P 1980-
Cystoderma amianthinum   Earthy Powder-cap P 2015
Entoloma nidorosum P 1994
Entoloma plebeioides P 1998-
Entoloma sinuatum (E. lividum)   Livid Pink-gill, Livid Entoloma P 1980-
Entoloma turbidum P 1991-
Fistulina hepatica   Beefsteak Fungus, Ox-tongue P 2012
Flagelloscypha minutissima P 2016
Flammulina velutipes (Collybia velutipes)   Velvet-shank, Velvet-foot, Velvet-stem, Winter Fungus P 1991-
Galerina hypnorum   Moss Bell P 1980-
Galerina mutabilis (Pholiota mutabilis) P 1980-
Galerina mycenopsis P 1980-
Galerina paludosa   Bog Bell P 2000
Gymnopilus fulgens P 1991-
Gymnopilus hybridus P 1991-
Gymnopilus junonius (Pholiota spectabilis)   Spectacular Rust-gill P 1981
Gymnopilus penetrans   Common Rust-gill P 1994
Hebeloma anthracophilum P 1991-
Hebeloma crustuliniforme   Poison-pie, Fairy-cakes P 1994
Hebeloma leucosarx P 1991-
Hebeloma mesophaeum   Veiled Poison-pie P 2001
Hebeloma sacchariolens   Sweet Poison-pie P 1990
Henningsomyces candidus P 2016
Hygrocybe conica (Hygrophorus conicus; includes Hygrocybe nigrescens)   Blackening Wax-cap P 1991-
Hygrocybe insipida (Hygrophorus insipidus)   Spangle Wax-cap P 1980-
Hygrocybe laeta (H. laeta var. laeta)   Heath Wax-cap P 2001
Hygrocybe marchii (Hygrophorus marchii) P 1991-
Hygrocybe miniata (Hygrophorus miniatus)   Vermilion Wax-cap P 1980-
Hygrocybe psittacina (Hygrophorus psittacinus)   Parrot Wax-cap, Parrot Toadstool, Green Wax-cap, Parroquet P 2001
Hygrocybe quieta   Oily Wax-cap P 2008
Hygrocybe strangulata (Hygrophorus strangulatus) P 1980-
Hygrocybe turunda (Hygrophorus turundus) P 1980-
Hygrocybe virginea (Hygrocybe nivea, Hygrophorus niveus)   Snowy Wax-cap P 1980-
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (Clitocybe aurantiaca)   False Chanterelle Includes records of var. pallida. P 2010
Hygrophorus hypothejus   Herald of Winter, Winter Hygrophorus P 1980-
Hypholoma elongatum   Sphagnum Brownie P 2008
Hypholoma fasciculare   Sulphur Tuft P 2015
Hypholoma subericaeum P 1980-
Hypholoma sublateritium   Brick Tuft, Brick Caps, Red Caps P 1989
Hypholoma udum   Peat Brownie P 1980-
Inocybe brevispora P 1998-
Inocybe lacera   Torn Fibre-cap P 1980-
Inocybe lucifuga P 1998-
Inocybe napipes   Bulbous Fibre-cap P 1980-
Inocybe petiginosa   Scurfy Fibre-cap P 1980-
Inocybe sindonia (Inocybe eutheles) P 1991
Laccaria amethystina (L. amethystea)   Amethyst Deceiver, Violet Deceiver P 2015
Laccaria bicolor   Bicoloured Deceiver P 1980-
Laccaria laccata   The Deceiver P 2016
Laccaria proxima   Scurfy Deceiver P 1980-
Laccaria tortilis   Twisted Deceiver P 1980-
Lacrymaria velutina (Hypholoma velutinum)   Weeping Widow P 1980-
Langermannia gigantea (Lycoperdon giganteum)   Giant Puff-ball P 1990
Lepiota castanea   Chestnut Dapperling P 1991
Lepiota cristata   Stinking Dapperling, Stinking Parasol, Crested Lepiota P 1980-
Lepiota hetieri P 1980-
Lepiota sistrata   Bearded Dapperling P 1980-
Lepiota subalba P 1991-
Lepista nuda (Tricholoma nudum)   Wood Blewit P 2004
Lepista saeva (Tricholoma saevum)   Field Blewit P 1990
Leptonia sericella P 1980-
Lycoperdon foetidum P 1991
Lycoperdon lividum   Grassland Puff-ball P 2000
Lycoperdon perlatum   Common Puff-ball P 2012
Lycoperdon pyriforme   Stump Puff-ball P 1994
Lyophyllum fumatofoetens P 1998-
Lyophyllum fumosum See Clark p153. P 1989
Lyophyllum loricatum P 1980-
Lyophyllum ovisporum P 1980-
Marasmius androsaceus   Horse-hair Parachute, Horse-hair Toadstool, Horse-hair Fungus P 1992
Marasmius calopus P 1980-
Marasmius graminum P 1980-
Marasmius oreades   Fairy-ring Champignon, Fairy-ring Toadstool P 1980-
Marasmius ramealis P 1980-
Marasmius recubans P 2016
Marasmius rotula   Collared Parachute P 1980-
Melanoleuca cinerascens P 1991-
Melanoleuca excissa P 1991-
Melanophyllum echinatum (Lepiota haematosperma) P 1980-
Melanotus phillipsii (Crepidotus phillipsii) P 1991-
Merismodes anomala P 2016
Mycena arcangeliana   Angel's Bonnet P 2001
Mycena bulbosa P 2016
Mycena cinerella   Mealy Bonnet, Mole-cap P 1991-
Mycena epipterygia   Yellow-leg Bonnet P 1998-
Mycena galericulata   Common Bonnet, Grey Bonnet, Bonnet Mycena P 2007
Mycena galopus var. candida   White Milking Bonnet P 1992
Mycena galopus var. galopus (M. galopus)   Milking Bonnet, Milk-drop, Milk-drop Mycena P 2001
Mycena galopus var. nigra (M. leucogala)   Black Milking Bonnet P 1980-
Mycena haematopus   Burgundy-drop Bonnet, Bleeding Mycena See Clark p156. P 1981
Mycena inclinata   Clustered Bonnet P 1980-
Mycena leptocephala   Nitrous Bonnet P 1991-
Mycena longiseta P 1998-
Mycena olivaceomarginata   Brown-edge Bonnet P 1991-
Mycena pura   Lilac Bonnet P 2001
Mycena rorida   Dripping Bonnet P 2016
Mycena sanguinolenta   Bleeding Bonnet P 1990
Mycena speirea   Bark Bonnet P 1991-
Mycena stipata P 1980-
Mycena vitilis   Snapping Bonnet P 1991-
Myxomphalia maura P 1991-
Naucoria escharoides P 1980-
Naucoria scolecina P 1980-
Naucoria striatula   Striate Aldercap P 1980-
Nidularia farcta P 1991-
Nolanea farinolens P 1980-
Nolanea minuta P 1980-
Nolanea sericea P 1991-
Nolanea staurospora P 1980-
Oudemansiella radicata   Rooting Shank P 1994
Panaeolus foenisecii (Panaeolina foenisecii)   Brown Mottle-gill, Brown Hay-cap P 1991-
Panaeolus rickenii P 2001
Panaeolus semiovatus   Egghead Mottle-gill P 2008
Panaeolus sphinctrinus (Anellaria separata) P 2000
Panellus serotinus   Olive Oysterling P 1980-
Pholiota alnicola   Alder Scaly-cap P 1980-
Pholiota apicrea D
Pholiota gummosa   Sticky Scaly-cap P 1980-
Pholiota myosotis P 1990
Pholiota squarrosa   Shaggy Scaly-cap, Shaggy Pholiota P 2016
Pleurotus cornucopiae   Branching Oyster P 1991
Pleurotus dryinus (Pl. corticatus)   Veiled Oyster P 1980-
Pleurotus ostreatus   Oyster Mushroom P 2013
Pleurotus pulmonarius   Pale Oyster P 1991-
Pluteus cervinus   Deer Shield, Deer Toadstool P 1994
Pluteus salicinus   Willow Shield P 2001
Psathyrella artemesiae (Ps. squamosa) P 1991-
Psathyrella candolleana   Pale Brittle-stem P 1980-
Psathyrella gossypina P 1980-
Psathyrella pennata See Clark p165. P 1990
Psathyrella piluliformis (Ps. hydrophila)   Common Stump Brittle-stem, Brittle-cap P 2001
Psilocybe semilanceata   Liberty Cap, Magic Mushroom P 2016
Resinomycena saccharifera (Mycena pudica) P 1980-
Rickenella fibula (Mycena fibula)   Orange Moss-cap, Carpet-pin P 1992
Rickenella swartzii   Collared Moss-cap P 2016
Strobilurus tenacella (Pseudohiatula tenacella) P 1980-
Stropharia aeruginosa agg.   Verdigris Agaric P 1980-
Stropharia cyanea P 1991
Stropharia semiglobata   Dung Roundhead P 2001
Tephrocybe atrata Not in Clark by this name. P 1990
Tephrocybe gibberosa (Collybia ambusta) P 1980-
Tricholoma fulvum   Birch Knight P 2001
Tricholoma inamoenum P 1980-
Tricholoma saponaceum   Soapy Knight, Soap-scented Toadstool P 1991-
Tricholoma terreum   Grey Knight P 1994
Tricholomopsis platyphylla (Collybia platyphylla) P 1980-
Tricholomopsis rutilans (Tricholoma rutilans)   Plums and Custard, Purple Blewits P 2010
Tubaria conspersa   Felted Twiglet See Clark p173. P 1990
Tubaria furfuracea   Scurfy Twiglet P 1980-
Order Auriculariales  
Hirneola auricula-judae (Auricularia auricula)   Ear Fungus, Judas's Ear P 1980-
Order Boletales  
Boletus badius   Bay Bolete, Bay-capped Bolete P 2015
Boletus chrysenteron (Xerocomus chrysenteron)   Red-cracking Bolete, Red-cracked Bolete P 1994
Boletus edulis (B. bulbosus)   Cèpe, Cep, Penny-bun P 2015
Boletus erythropus (B. luridiformis) P 2015
Boletus fragans P 1980-
Boletus pruinatus   Matt Bolete P 1980-
Boletus subtomentosus   Suede Bolete, Downy Bolete, Yellow-crack Bolete P 1980-
Chalciporus piperatus (Boletus piperatus)   Peppery Bolete P 2015
Coniophora puteana   Wet Rot P 1971-
Leccinum brunneogriseolum P 1998-
Leccinum holopus (Boletus holopus)   Ghost Bolete P 1990
Leccinum molle P 1998-
Leccinum olivaceosum P 1998
Leccinum pulchrum P 1988
Leccinum quercinum   Orange Oak Bolete P 1998-
Leccinum rigidipes P 1998-
Leccinum scabrum (Boletus scaber, B. scabrus)   Brown Birch Bolete, Shaggy Bolete, Rough-stemmed Bolete P 2016
Leccinum variicolor   Mottled Bolete P 1990
Leccinum variicolor f. atrostellatum P 1988
Leccinum versipelle (L. testaceoscabrum, Boletus testaceoscaber)   Orange Birch Bolete P 2016
Paxillus involutus   Brown Roll-rim P 2015
Paxillus panuoides P 1998-
Pseudoboletus parasiticus (Boletus parasiticus)   Parasitic Boletus P 2016
Scleroderma bovista   Potato Earth-ball P 1980-
Scleroderma citrinum (S. aurantium, S. vulgare)   Common Earth-ball P 2016
Scleroderma verrucosum   Scaly Earth-ball P 1998-
Suillus bovinus (Boletus bovinus)   Bovine Bolete P 2007
Suillus granulatus (Boletus granulatus)   Weeping Bolete P 2007
Suillus grevillei (Boletus elegans)   Larch Bolete P 1994
Suillus luteus (Boletus luteus)   Slippery Jack P 1991-
Suillus variegatus (Boletus variegatus)   Velvet Bolete P 2015
Tylopilus felleus   Bitter Bolete P 1980-
Order Cantharellales  
Clavulina cinerea   Grey Coral P 2015
Clavulina rugosa (Clavaria rugosa)   Wrinkled Club P 1971-
Order Dacrymycetales  
Calocera cornea   Small Stag's-horn P 1981
Calocera pallidospathulata   Pale Stag's-horn P 2000
Calocera viscosa   Yellow Stag's-horn Fungus P 2016
Dacrymyces stillatus   Common Jellyspot P 2016
Order Exobasidiales  
Exobasidium vaccinii   Cowberry Red-leaf P 1980-
Order Hymenochaetales  
Hymenochaete corrugata   Glue Crust P 1980-
Hyphodontia arguta P 1980-
Inonotus radiatus   Alder Bracket P 1980-
Schizopora paradoxa   Split Porecrust P 1991-
Order Phallales  
Clavaria argillacea   Moor Club P 1988
Phallus impudicus   Stinkhorn, Common Stinkhorn P 2016
Sphaerobolus stellatus   Shooting Star P 1990
Order Polyporales  
Amyloporia xantha P 1980-
Athelia epiphylla P 1991-
Bjerkandera adusta (Gloeoporus adustus)   Smoky Bracket P 2008
Bulbillomyces farinosus P 2016
Chondrostereum purpureum (Stereum purpureum)   Silver-leaf Fungus P 2001
Daedaleopsis confragosa (Trametes rubescens)   Blushing Bracket See Clark p184. P 2016
Ganoderma applanatum (G. europaeum?)   Artist's Bracket See Kibby p214. P 1980-
Grifola frondosa   Hen of the Woods P 1980-
Hypochnicium punctulatum P nd
Laetiporus sulphureus   Chicken-of-the-Woods, Sulphur Polypore P 1980-
Merulius tremellosus P 1991-
Phaeolus schweinitzii   Dyer's Mazegill P 1980-
Phlebia merismoides P 1991-
Phlebia radiata   Wrinkled Crust P 2001
Physisporinus sanguinolentus (Rigidoporus sanguinolentus)   Bleeding Porecrust P 1998-
Piptoporus betulinus   Birch Polypore, Birch Bracket, Razorstrop Fungus P 2016
Polyporus brumalis   Winter Polypore P 1991-
Pseudotrametes gibbosa P 1980-
Sparassis crispa   Wood Cauliflower, Cauliflower Fungus P 1980-
Trametes versicolor (Coriolus versicolor, Polystictus versicolor)   Turkey-tail, Many-zoned Polypore, Varicoloured Bracket P 2011
Trichaptum abietinum (Hirschioporus abietinus)   Purple-pore Bracket P 2000
Tyromyces caesius P 1980-
Order Russulales  
Heterobasidion annosum   Root Rot P 1980-
Lactarius blennius   Beech Milk-cap, Slimy Milk-cap P 1980-
Lactarius camphoratus   Curry Milk-cap P 1980-
Lactarius chrysorheus   Yellow Milk-cap See Clark p148. P 1989
Lactarius cimicarius P 1980-
Lactarius glyciosmus   Coconut Milk-cap, Coconut-scented Milk-cap P 1989
Lactarius hepaticus   Liver Milk-cap P 1998-
Lactarius lilacina P 1998-
Lactarius obscuratus   Alder Milk-cap P 1998-
Lactarius pubescens   Bearded Milk-cap P 1991-
Lactarius quietus   Oakbug Milk-cap, Oak Milk-cap, Oily Milk-cap P 2016
Lactarius rufus   Rufous Milk-cap, Red Milk-cap P 1994
Lactarius subdulcis   Mild Milk-cap P 1991-
Lactarius tabidus   Birch Milk-cap P 2001
Lactarius torminosus   Woolly Milk-cap P 2016
Lactarius turpis (L. necator)   Ugly Milk-cap P 2015
Lactarius vietus   Grey Milk-cap P 1980-
Lactarius volemus P 1980-
Peniophora cinerea P 2001
Peniophora incarnata   Rosy Crust P 2016
Peniophora quercina (Corticum quercina) P 1971-
Russula aeruginea   Grass-green Russula P 1980-
Russula aquosa P 1980-
Russula atropurpurea   Purple Brittle-gill P 2011
Russula betularum   Birch Brittle-gill P 2011
Russula caerulea   Humpback Brittle-gill, Violet Russula P 1994
Russula claroflava   Yellow Swamp Brittle-gill, Yellow Swamp Russula, Chrome Yellow Russula, Clear Yellow Russula P 2016
Russula cyanoxantha   Charcoal Burner, Blue Russula P 2015
Russula cyanoxantha var. peltereau P 1998-
Russula densifolia   Crowded Brittle-gill P 1991
Russula emetica   The Sickener P 2007
Russula emeticella P 1989
Russula fellea   Geranium Brittle-gill, Geranium-scented Russula, Bitter Russula P 1980-
Russula fragilis   Fragile Brittle-gill, Tooth-gilled Russula P 1980-
Russula gracillima   Slender Brittle-gill P 1991-
Russula heterophylla   Greasy Green Brittle-gill P 2001
Russula knauthii P 1980-
Russula mairei P 1980-
Russula nigricans   Blackening Brittle-gill, Blackening Russula P 2001
Russula nitida   Purple Swamp Brittle-gill P 1991
Russula ochroleuca   Ochre Brittle-gill, Yellow Russula, Common Ochre Russula P 2016
Russula parazurea   Powdery Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula puellaris   Yellowing Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula pulchella   Bleached Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula sardonia   Primrose Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula sororia   Sepia Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula sphagnicola P 1998-
Russula velenovskyi   Coral Brittle-gill P 1980-
Russula versicolor   Variable Brittle-gill P 1992
Russula vesca   The Flirt, Bare-edged Russula P 1980-
Russula xerampelina   Crab Brittle-gill P 1980-
Stereum gausapatum   Bleeding Oak Crust P 1994
Stereum hirsutum   Hairy Curtain Crust P 2008
Stereum ochraceoflavum P 2001
Stereum rugosum   Bleeding Broadleaf Crust P 2001
Stereum sanguinolentum   Bleeding Conifer Crust P 1971-
Order Thelephorales  
Thelephora terrestris   Earth-fan P 1981
Class Tremellomycetes  
Exidia glandulosa   Witches' Butter P 2017
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum   Jelly Tooth P 2001
Sebacina incrustans   Enveloping Crust P 1971-
Tremella mesenterica   Yellow Brain P 2016
Subphylum Pucciniomycotina  
Class Pucciniomycetes  
Kuehneola uredinis   Pale Bramble Rust P 2016
Melampsora epitea P 2016
Melampsoridium betulinum   Birch Rust P 2016
Phragmidium mucronatum P 2008
Phragmidium violaceum   Violet Bramble Rust P 2016
Puccinia cnici-oleracei P 2008
Puccinia epilobii P 2001
Puccinia galii-veri (P. gallii-verni in Clark) P 1991-
Puccinia menthae P 2008
Puccinia urticata   Nettle Rust M 2011
Phylum Zygomycota  
Mortierella ramanniana P 1980-
Pilaira moreaui P 2017
Pilobolus crystallinus   Dung Cannon P 2017
Spinellus fusiger   Bonnet Mould P 1991-
Syzygites megalocarpus P 1980-