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Content last updated: 8 Dec 2014

Bryophytes are no longer considered a category, so that Liverworts and Mosses are no longer treated as Classes of a single taxonomic group, but as separate groups (Divisions), with the term "bryophyte" referring to commonalities of structure and life cycle rather than evolutionary origin. There have been a substantial number of changes to the scientific names of species and their family placement since the publication of the booklet in 1992; the names here are based on the British Bryological Society checklist as of May 2012.

Although A.V. Smith did some work in 1992, there was no systematic recording of the bryophytes of Sutton Park between J.H. Field, whose visits to the Park were all before 1990 (although he was able to check specimens after this), and surveys in 2013 and 2014 by D.A. Callaghan.

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Notes on the Species
Family Lunulariaceae  
Lunularia cruciata P 2014
Family Marchantiaceae  
Marchantia polymorpha P 2013
Family Conocephalaceae  
Conocephalum conicum P 1992
Conocephalum salebrosum P 2013
Family Ricciaceae  
Riccia beyrichiana L 1876-
Family Pelliaceae  
Pellia endiviifolia P 1990-
Pellia epiphylla P 2014
Pellia neesiana P 2014
Family Pallaviciniaceae  
Metzgeria consanguinea P 2013
Metzgeria furcata P 2014
Metzgeria violacea P 2014
Family Aneuraceae  
Aneura pinguis (Riccardia pinguis) P 2013
Riccardia multifida P 2013
Family Radulaceae  
Radula complanata P 2014
Family Frullaniaceae  
Frullania dilatata P 2014
Family Lejeuneaceae  
Lejeunea cavifolia P 2014
Family Trichocoleaceae  
Trichocolea tomentella P 1990-
Family Lepidoziaceae  
Lepidozia reptans P 2014
Family Lophocoleaceae  
Lophocolea bidentata Includes records as L. cuspidata. P 2014
Lophocolea heterophylla P 2014
Chiloscyphus pallescens P 2014
Chiloscyphus polyanthos P 1990-
Family Cephaloziaceae  
Cephalozia bicuspidata P 2014
Cephalozia connivens P 2014
Nowellia curvifolia P 2014
Family Cephaloziellaceae  
Cephaloziella divaricata (C. starkei) P 2013
Cephaloziella hampeana P 2014
Cephaloziella rubella L 1971-
Cephaloziella stellulifera L 1876-
Family Scapaniaceae  
Gymnocolea inflata P 2013
Lophozia bicrenata L 1971-
Lophozia excisa P 1990-
Lophozia ventricosa P 1990-
Diplophyllum albicans L 1876-
Scapania curta L 1876-
Scapania irrigua L 1971-
Scapania nemorea L 1876-
Scapania undulata P 1990-
Family Calypogeiaceae  
Calypogeia fissa P 2014
Calypogeia muelleriana (C. muellerana) P 2014
Family Mesoptychiaceae  
Leiocolea bantriensis L 1971-
Leiocolea turbinata L 1876-
Family Jungermanniaceae  
Nardia scalaris P 1990-
Solenostoma gracillimum (Jungermannia gracillima, Solenostoma crenulatum) P 1990-
Solenostoma sphaerocarpum L 1876-
Family Sphagnaceae  
Sphagnum capillifolium (S. rubellum, S. capillaceum) P 2014
Sphagnum cuspidatum P 2014
Sphagnum denticulatum (S. auriculatum, S. subsecundum var. auriculatum) P 2014
Sphagnum fallax (S. recurvum) P 2014
Sphagnum fimbriatum P 2014
Sphagnum flexuosum P 2013
Sphagnum inundatum P 2014
Sphagnum palustre P 2014
Sphagnum papillosum P 2014
Sphagnum pulchrum D
Sphagnum squarrosum P 2014
Sphagnum subnitens (S. plumulosum) Bagnall records "S. acutifolium", which is only probably S. subnitens. P 2014
Sphagnum subsecundum Bagnall's and Laflin's records were sensu lato and include S. auriculatum. P 1990-
Sphagnum tenellum D
Sphagnum teres P 2013
Family Polytrichaceae  
Atrichum undulatum P 2014
Pogonatum aloides (Polytrichum aloides) P 2014
Polytrichastrum formosum (Polytrichum formosum) P 2014
Polytrichastrum longisetum (Polytrichum longisetum, P. aurantiacum) P 1990-
Polytrichum commune P 2014
Polytrichum juniperinum P 2014
Polytrichum piliferum P 2014
Family Tetraphidaceae  
Tetraphis pellucida P 2014
Family Funariaceae  
Funaria hygrometrica P 2014
Entosthodon fascicularis (Funaria fascicularis) L 1876-
Physcomitrium pyriforme P 1990-
Family Grimmiaceae  
Schistidium crassipilum P 2014
Grimmia pulvinata P 2014
Family Fissidentaceae  
Fissidens adianthoides P 2013
Fissidens bryoides P 1990-
Fissidens incurvus L 1876-
Fissidens taxifolius P 1990-
Fissidens viridulus P 1990-
Family Ditrichaceae  
Pleuridium acuminatum P 1990-
Pseudephemerum nitidum P 1990-
Trichodon cylindricus (Ditrichum cylindricum) P 1990-
Ceratodon purpureus P 2014
Family Rhabdoweisiaceae  
Dicranoweisia cirrata P 2014
Family Dicranaceae  
Dicranella cerviculata P 1990-
Dicranella heteromalla P 2014
Dicranella schreberiana (D. schreberana) P 1990-
Dicranella staphylina P 2014
Dicranella varia P 2014
Dicranum bonjeanii L 1876-
Dicranum montanum P 1990-
Dicranum scoparium P 2014
Dicranum tauricum (D. strictum) P 2014
Family Leucobryaceae  
Campylopus flexuosus (C. paradoxus) P 2014
Campylopus fragilis P 1990-
Campylopus introflexus P 2014
Campylopus pyriformis P 2014
Leucobryum glaucum L 1876-
Family Pottiaceae  
Weissia brachycarpa (W. microstoma) L 1876-
Weissia controversa L 1876-
Weissia longifolia (W. crispa, W. multicapsularis) L 1876-
Ephemerum serratum L 1876-
Pseudocrossidium hornschuchianum P 2014
Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum (Barbula recurvirostra) P 2014
Leptodontium flexifolium P 1990-
Barbula convoluta P 2014
Barbula unguiculata P 2014
Didymodon fallax (Barbula fallax) P 2014
Didymodon insulanus (Barbula cylindrica) P 2014
Didymodon maximus (Barbula revoluta) L 1876-
Didymodon nicholsonii P 2014
Didymodon rigidulus (Barbula rigidula) P 2014
Didymodon tophaceus (Barbula tophacea) P 2014
Tortula marginata L 1876-
Tortula modica (Pottia intermedia) L 1876-
Tortula muralis P 2014
Tortula subulata L 1876-
Tortula truncata (Pottia truncata) P 1990-
Phascum cuspidatum P 1990-
Acaulon muticum L 1876-
Syntrichia latifolia P 2014
Syntrichia montana P 2014
Family Splachnaceae  
Splachnum ampullaceum P 1990-
Family Meesiaceae  
Amblyodon dealbatus L 1876-
Leptobryum pyriforme P 1990-
Family Orthotrichaceae  
Zygodon viridissimus P 2014
Orthotrichum affine P 2014
Orthotrichum anomalum P 2014
Orthotrichum cupulatum P 2014
Orthotrichum diaphanum P 2014
Orthotrichum lyellii P 2014
Orthotrichum pulchellum P 2014
Orthotrichum stramineum P 2014
Orthotrichum striatum P 2014
Orthotrichum tenellum P 2014
Ulota bruchii P 2014
Ulota crispa s.l. P 2014
Ulota phyllantha P 2014
Family Bartramiaceae  
Bartramia pomiformis L 1876-
Philonotis arnellii (P. capillaris) P 1990-
Philonotis caespitosa P 1990-
Philonotis calcarea P 2013
Philonotis fontana P 2013
Family Bryaceae  
Bryum algovicum (B. pendulum) L 1876-
Bryum argenteum (B. argenteum var. lanatum) P 2014
Bryum caespiticium P 1990-
Bryum capillare P 2014
Bryum dichotomum (B. bicolor sensu lato) P 2014
Bryum intermedium L 1955-
Bryum moravicum P 2014
Bryum pallens P 2013
Bryum pseudotriquetrum P 2013
Bryum radiculosum L 1876-
Bryum rubens P 1990-
Bryum turbinatum D
Rhodobryum roseum L 1876-
Family Mielichhoferiaceae  
Pohlia annotina P 1990-
Pohlia bulbifera P 1990-
Pohlia drummondii P 2013
Pohlia melanodon (P. carnea) P 1990-
Pohlia nutans P 2013
Pohlia wahlenbergii P 2013
Family Mniaceae  
Mnium hornum P 2014
Family Cinclidiaceae  
Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum (Mnium pseudopunctatum) P 2013
Rhizomnium punctatum (Mnium punctatum) P 2014
Family Plagiomniaceae  
Plagiomnium affine (Mnium affine) L 1876-
Plagiomnium elatum (Mnium seligeri) P 2013
Plagiomnium ellipticum (Mnium rugicum) P 2013
Plagiomnium rostratum (P. longirostrum, Mnium longirostrum) P 1990-
Plagiomnium undulatum (Mnium undulatum) P 2014
Family Aulacomniaceae  
Aulacomnium androgynum P 2014
Aulacomnium palustre P 2014
Family Orthodontiaceae  
Orthodontium lineare P 2014
Family Fontinalaceae  
Fontinalis antipyretica P 1990-
Family Climaciaceae  
Climacium dendroides P 2013
Family Amblystegiaceae  
Palustriella commutata (Cratoneuron commutatum) P 2013
Palustriella falcata (Cratoneuron commutatum var. falcatum) P 2013
Cratoneuron filicinum P 2014
Campylium stellatum P 2013
Amblystegium serpens P 2014
Hygroamblystegium fluviatile L 1876-
Hygroamblystegium tenax L 1876-
Hygroamblystegium varium (Amblystegium varium) L 1876-
Leptodictyum riparium P 2014
Drepanocladus aduncus P 2014
Drepanocladus polygamus (Campylium polygamum) L 1876-
Drepanocladus sendtneri L 1876-
Hygrohypnum luridum P 2013
Family Calliergonaceae  
Warnstorfia fluitans (Drepanocladus fluitans) P 2014
Sarmentypnum exannulatum (Drepanocladus exannulatus) P 2013
Straminergon stramineum (Calliergon stramineum, Acrocladium stramineum) P 2014
Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Drepanocladus vernicosus) Nationally scarce species. P 2013
Scorpidium cossonii (Drepanocladus revolvens var. intermedius) Pre-2013 records of Drepanocladus revolvens have been treated as this taxon regardless of whether "var. intermedius" was specified. P 2013
Calliergon cordifolium (Acrocladium cordifolium) P 2013
Calliergon giganteum (Acrocladium giganteum) P 2014
Family Thuidiaceae  
Thuidium tamariscinum P 2014
Family Brachytheciaceae  
Pseudoscleropodium purum P 2014
Eurhynchium striatum P 2014
Platyhypnidium riparioides (Rhynchostegium riparioides, Eurhynchium riparioides) P 2014
Rhynchostegium confertum (Eurhynchium confertum) P 2014
Rhynchostegium murale (Eurhynchium murale) L 1876-
Cirriphyllum crassinervium P 2013
Oxyrrhynchium hians (Eurhynchium swartzii) P 2014
Oxyrrhynchium speciosum (Eurhynchium speciosum) D
Kindbergia praelonga (Eurhynchium praelongum) P 2014
Brachythecium albicans P 2014
Brachythecium mildeanum P 1990-
Brachythecium rivulare P 2014
Brachythecium rutabulum P 2014
Brachytheciastrum velutinum (Brachythecium velutinum) P 2014
Homalothecium sericeum (Camptothecium sericeum) P 2014
Family Hypnaceae  
Calliergonella cuspidata (Calliergon cuspidatum, Acrocladium cuspidatum) P 2014
Calliergonella lindbergii (Hypnum lindbergii) L 1876-
Hypnum andoi (H. cupressiforme var. filiforme) In the 1990s, J.H. Field considered that this was lost; refound in 2013. P 2014
Hypnum cupressiforme P 2014
Hypnum cupressiforme var. lacunosum D
Hypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatum P 1990-
Hypnum jutlandicum (H. cupressiforme var. ericetorum) P 2014
Ctenidium molluscum L 1971-
Family Hylocomiaceae  
Pleurozium schreberi P 2014
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus P 2014
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus P 2014
Hylocomium splendens P 2014
Family Plagiotheciaceae  
Plagiothecium curvifolium P 2014
Plagiothecium denticulatum P 1990-
Plagiothecium latebricola P 1990-
Plagiothecium nemorale (P. sylvaticum) P 2014
Plagiothecium succulentum P 1990-
Plagiothecium undulatum P 1990-
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans (Isopterygium elegans) P 2014
Family Sematophyllaceae  
Sematophyllum substrumulosum Nationally rare species (but increasing). P 2014
Family Cryphaeaceae  
Cryphaea heteromalla P 2014
Family Lembophyllaceae  
Isothecium alopecuroides (I. myurum) L 1876-
Isothecium myosuroides P 2014